I first started The Drunk Writers in Paris, France in November of 2012. It's a simple concept, everyone brings me a bottle of wine and we do 5 minute timed writing prompts. 

We usually play some games and write and share our 5 minute stories if we want to. We usually sip wine and eat and socialize before and after. 

It's not about being drunk on alcohol, it's really about being in a safe space, writing uninhibited for at least 5 minutes, with good company to encourage you and support you. 

With the pandemic and everything switching to virtual. I wanted to leave a legacy,  write my books and publish them and help as many others along with me. 

I still remember the first time I read "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott and "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens. Even hundreds of years after their death, I could still live inside their minds, read their stories, and travel through time, history, and be moved by their words. At a very young age, I discovered a love for books that has never left me and that dream of being a writer in Paris like so many of my favorite authors led me to found the Drunk Writers Paris and now 

What do you get for joining in its early stages? 

You get access to free or low cost events such as group writing sessions, Sip and Write/Paint sessions, Sip and Sing sessions, and you also get a complimentary one on one Words of Healing session (currently valued at $497) utilizing the Lerma Therapeutic Writing Method where we go deeper and tailored to projects or issues you are feeling stuck on. I also provide or can connect you to other members who are Editors, Publishers, Copywriters, Graphic & Web designers to help you on your journey to being paid for your art. 

You can publish and copyright your work here on your page on a government secure page. You can post your videos here and feel free to express yourself authentically without judgement. You will be able to network with other DW members and possibly drunk writers travel which is what I do, I have been invited by current and former members all over the world to visit them and run DW group writing sessions, retreats, parties, etc.,  

A collection of Drunk Writers Stories from all over the world where chapters have sprung up! 

Follow along and write your 5 minute stories with us :) 

Please sign up for a free account and schedule your 1st complimentary Live One on One Words of Healing Session with a coach or attend our Free Drunk Writers Open Mic sessions or write in our Virtual Writing Room :) 

Please keep an eye out for our mini Writing Challenges on TikTok, Insta, FB, & Youtube @princesskaraokey or @thedrunkwriters or @drunkwriterstravel :) 

My first book project is The Drunk Writers Paris which will be a first-hand account of my experiences, challenges, and fulfillment of a dream in creating the Drunk Writers in Nov 2012. 

I will tell you the backstories of how Drunk Writers began and how you can start your own unofficial chapter of Drunk Writers where you live. 

Please reach out if you have any issues and share with me the ripple effects of being a moderator which has continued to give me gifts today. 

Please check out Princess Karaokey's Treasure Trove which is where we have our merchandise and handmade goods available for purchase to help support the mission and vision of DW. 

You can make your own work and submissions private or public on your profile : ) Come on over, get yourself your favorite drink (liquid courage not necessary), invite your fun friends for a virtual group drunk writers session and Keep Writing! Bisous :)